#1 eBay CRM app

Increase buyer satisfaction by resolving problem quickly.

Seamless integrated message, order, dispute case.

Ebay Best Innovative Solution Award

Multiple ebay account messages, in one place

All information in one screen.

Orders details,  Delivery status, Feedback, Previous messages and refund records, all in the same screen. You don’t need to swap different pages any more.

All follow up actions in one place.

You don’t need to log in and out different ebay accounts. You can do follow up actions without leaving a finger !

Build-in Refund approval process

After negotiated with buyer that refund is needed, staff can one-click to send the complaint details to their supervisor. Supervisor can review the details via the notification. Once it is approved, refund will be automatically sent.

Earn more or Sell more in minutes

When buyers want to upgrade the shipping services, or buy some more , now, you don’t need to wait for the Accounting department to login Paypal to create an invoice.

Staff can create it directly in the same screen. More, staff can also check the status of the payment if the buyer contacts again to confirm the payment is done.

No more language barrier

Feel free to expand your business to non-English markets

Once messages are imported, they will be translated automatically. It helps your teams to view and reply message in their own language.

Auto assign message to Staff

Based on staff’s skill, language and experiences, you can setup rules to auto assign messages to different staff when messages are imported into system.

Buyer Best Offer Acceptance

Templates and snippets

User Permission

One-click Pending Order

Auto Tag Message

Auto Message Reply

Centralized Refund Status Management

Centralized Paypal Invoice Status Management

Performance Reports


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