POS style design
Pick & Pack system

Super Simple, Fast & Accurate

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Super Fast & Easy !!


Super Fast & Easy !!

Suitable for the weight of items can be predefined in product master or no need to input precise weight orders.

Once buyer placed an order, system prints the Picking List and Mailing label automatically. Just pick the item and stick the label, Done!

NO computer terminal is needed  in the whole packing process. Even printers are stand-alone. Only connects to power and have Wifi, it works.


Scan, Weigh, Stick label, done!


Scan, Weight, Stick label, done!

Suitable for sellers needs to review the order details, or input the actual weight of packed items before generating the mailing label.

After buyer placed an order on marketplaces ...

POS style design

No staff training any more!!

POS style user interface

No training needed any more for packing staff, just sit down and start !

What are the differences between us and others ?

Powerful Rule Manager

Over 15 dimensions for you to Auto-Map Shipping Services precisely

  • Order Channels/ ebay account
  • Item location pre-defined in the listings
  • Shipping services pre-defined in the listings
  • Handling time pre-defined in the listings
  • ebay Global Shipping Program
  • Buyer manual selected services
  • Buyer ID/ Name/ Email address
  • Order Weight/ Amount

Auto-Assign orders to different staff

Different staff may be suitable for packing different types of orders …

  • Ebay order > Staff A.
  • Amazon order > Staff B.
  • Low value order > New staff
  • High value order > Experienced staff
  • DHL / Fedex order > Team X
  • USPS order > Team Y …. 

Once the staff log-in, assigned orders will be shown in their screen to start packing.

Actual Weight Auto-Save

In case you need an accurate weight for each parcel, you can input actual weight during packing. The inputted weight will be Auto-saved in the product master. Then, it will be preloaded in the future orders.

Auto-Upload tracking number

After the packages are dispatched, the tracking numbers will be uploaded to the marketplaces automatically.

Exceptional Order Auto-Filter

When the orders are out of stock in warehouse, or the buyer has left an additional instructions in the order remark, system will filter out these orders for further manual review.

Auto-Hide listings when Out of Stock

Once the orders are dispatched, central stock will be deducted.
If out of stock, system will Auto-Hide the listings in multiple sales channels

Direct Paypal Invoice

After order received, if the buyer needs to upgrade shipping or buy some more, you can create Paypal invoice directly in the same screen. No need to wait for your finance department to login Paypal account to do it.

Manual Order Creation

Want to use this centralized order system to pack other types of orders, like Phone orders, Email orders or Facebook orders…

No problem. You can create orders manually or upload orders by CSV file.

Direct Refund / Order Cancellation

If there is a problem in fulfilling the orders (e.g. Out of stock, Last stock damage, Shipping not available, etc), authorized staff  can issue Paypal refund, ebay order cancellation directly in the same screen.

Advanced Cloud Printing

In the past, to print one downloaded PDF mailing label through browser, you need to click “Print”, “Preview”, “Select Printer” and “Print” button again…

By using our Cloud printing technology, only ONE-Click, mailing label would be print directly. 

Picking Slip Auto-Printing

After enabled Cloud Printing, once an order is received, the printer in the warehouse will print out the Picking Slip automatically.

One-click Swap Shipping Services

The shipping services of an order may need to be changed during packing. Now, only ONE-CLICK, you can swap the shipping services from one to another.

eBay Global Shipping Program Order

System can recognize the eBay Global Shipping Program order. You can use Rule manager to assign designated workflow for it.

Order Auto-Pending

You can setup up different rules to make some specific orders pending once it is imported. E.g. Special item order, Trouble buyer order, etc...

Volume Weight Auto-Calculation

After packing staff inputted the actual weight of a package, system can calculate the corresponding Volume weight automatically.

Auto Internal Email notification

You can setup different rules to make system to send email to designated staff when a specific order is received. E.g. Particular products, particular buyer order, etc

Customizable Declare Item Desc.

You can setup Rules to use Listing Title as Declare Item Descriptions, part of Listing Category name, or use Fixed Wording for it.

Customizable Declare Item Value

You can also use formula on Order Amount as Declare Value ( e.g. 50% of order amount) or Fixed Value for different types of orders.

Feedback Auto-Send

Once your order is dispatched, the pre-defined Positive feedback will be sent automatically.

The carriers you can use in the system


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