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Official Statement : Unauthorized Use of SoldEazy Brand and Trademark

Our company has noticed of some websites used our Brand and Trademark Logo “SoldEazy” (Trademark number : 30265716) without authorization. These websites run click farm operation with a promised commission paid for clicks to boost some online products so to lure top-ups. Victims has reported they were blocked from those websites and all their funds were taken.

We would like to clarify that our website domain is Any similar domain names, especially with other domain endings, are unrelated to the SoldEazy brand and its parent company, Holistic Technology Company Limited.

If one is in doubt, please contact us at

Sourcing platform brings over 100k exclusive inventory to sellers

Extra source of inventory whenever you needs

Sell smarter by creating a great buying experience with intelligent features & automations

Buyers find your product across multiple channels, but different buyers receive a different perspective of the same product. With our proprietary product listing algorithms, we transform and translate each products content according to platforms and devices for each user.

One-click translation

Automatically translate product content across platform and sites. Your product can go to any market.

Customizable template & storefront

Segment your buyer, meet them in the right tone and manner to increase buying intention.

Scheduled product posting and promotion

Create a vibrant store experience to show new product and promotion offers from time to time, buyers keep coming back for more.

Awards & Recognition

Order Management made Simple

Fulfill one or multiple order in one click

Fulfill one or multiple order in one click. Shipping steps are even customizable to fit any business needs. Centralized inventory that stock level stay accurate across all channels you sell. Live carrier rates and tracking number updates from integrated shipping solutions.

Handle multi-account Message, Case & Dispute in ONE PLACE

Segregation of duties so eazy

Rule-based assign messages to different staff automatically. Perfect for job arrangement and resource planning.

Grow and Manage

Trending reports about visits, traffics, order and best selling products. Essential features to pull down out of stock products and put them back on shelf once replenished.

Analyze your business performance to help you go further.

How is SoldEazy Different ?


Highly integrated marketplace specific promotion functions


Automation rules allow you to customize your own shipping workflow


Handle multi-account Message, Case & Dispute in ONE PLACE


Analytics show recent activity, gain insight into your performance

Maximize Your Sales Opportunities

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